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Ecofeminist Perspectives
  In addition to the provocative articles below, see also The EVE Newsletter Essays for ecofeminist writings zeroing in on a wide variety of themes.

The Power of Positive Thinking
By Cathleen McGuire
The Shamanic Dimensions of an Ecofeminist Narrative
By Gloria Feman Orenstein
Beijing 95: A Pale Green
 By Cathleen McGuire
Response to PeTA's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" Campaign
 By Cathleen and Colleen McGuire
Why Do 8 Million Women Ingest Horse Urine?
 By Cathleen McGuire
Men's Waste
 By Cathleen and Colleen McGuire
Film Review: Angels and Insects
 By Cathleen and Colleen McGuire
Give Me A Vegetable Friendly Refrigerator!
 By Cathleen McGuire
The Brothers Kaczynski: One Hunts, The Other Doesn't
 By Cathleen and Colleen McGuire
Our Blood, Our Selves
 By Cathleen and Colleen McGuire


The EVE Newsletter Essays
In the early 90s, a grassroots group in New York City called EVE met to explore a variety of issues from an ecofeminist perspective. Cathleen and Colleen McGuire transcribed many of those lively discussions into the essays below.

See About EVE ONLINE to learn more about the context of the The EVE Newsletter essays and the group EVE.

While the EVE essays remain topical and challenging, bear in mind theories evolve, ideas change. The 25 essays below are not meant to be definitive, but rather a starting point for exploring issues through an ecofeminist lens and sparking new ideas.


Ancient Matriarchies


Birthing & Abortion





Genetic Engineering

Healing Herbs & Speciesism

Holistic Healing



Native American Spirituality

Nature as Female

The New Age Movement

Nuclear Testing in the Pacific

Political Activism

Power & Oppression

Revolutionary Parenting


Utopian Visions/Urban Living

Violence Against Women

Women of Color

Women's Bodies